Keto Diet Success Stories | Best Weight Loss Transformations (Pictures)

Above all motivations, going through other people’s success story is the ultimate one.

And, the quote suits perfectly to the weight watchers who always try to get some sort of motivation to lose weight.

So, in this article, we’ll be listing the keto diet success stories of various people (both male & female) who went from fat to fit in a very less span of time without going crazy and with no side effects.

#1.Michelle’s Keto Success Story

Michelle used to weigh 258 lbs when she first found about the ketogenic lifestyle in the year 2015.

keto success story michelle
She had lost nearly 40 lbs in the first 4 months itself.

And, slow and steadily she was down to 147 lbs in March 2017, which is her lowest weight till date.

Michelle later included some weight training and put on some muscle mass. She now weighs 180 pounds and is liking her new body along with lots of energy from Keto.

You can follow her on Instagram:

#2.Jolene’s Keto Diet Success Story

Jolene has followed the keto lifestyle (she dislikes the term ‘diet’) and lost 22 lbs by herself.

keto before after results jolene
She even posted her transformation video on YouTube and Instagram and showed her before and after pictures as well.

You can follow Jolene on her Insta page, where she regularly posts her favorite keto recipes to help others like her who’re struggling to lose weight.

#3.Suzanne’s Keto Diet Transformation Story

Suzanne’s was one of the best keto success stories on our list.

Suzanne used to be so overweight that she is no longer be able to play with her little daughter.

suzanne keto weight loss story
After several failed attempts of trying numerous diets, she found success with the Ketogenic diet.

She lost 110 lbs in just 18 months on Keto.

Even her husband got inspired by her transformation that he himself lost 80 lbs switching to the keto bandwagon.

Here is her Instagram account where she regularly updates her followers about the journey.

#4.Lindha’s Keto Weight Loss Success Story

Lindha was trying to lose weight for nearly 2 decades but in vein. She used to weigh around 309 pounds in March 2012.

keto transformation story lindha
Fortunately, after she followed the keto diet routine for 18 months, her weight dropped to 154 lbs, which is almost half her original/starting weight.

She even inspired her husband who lost 80 pounds on keto.

Follow Lindha on her Insta page:

#5.Heather’s Keto Before & After Results

Being a binge eater, Heather was obese with 295 pounds at 4’11”.

She dedicated herself to lose weight on keto and at the same time to deal with her binging habit forever.
heather weight loss success keto
Heather lost 9 pounds in the first 2 days and 18 pounds in her first week of ketogenic lifestyle.

In 1 month, she lost 33 lbs and in 1 year she dropped a total of 125 pounds.

After a couple of months, she reached her target weight loss of 138 lbs without any increase in the workouts.

She is very active on Facebook profile:

These are just a few people who’ve got benefited from the keto diet plan and have achieved their ideal weight without going nuts.

We’ll update this page frequently with latest keto success stories and before/after results so that you can get some motivation to lose weight by yourself.